Why are candidates reluctant to apply?

these days, it is the time for examinees to face the important choice of life.

Even if choice doesn’t decide life, at least there should be freedom of choice.

Otherwise, talk about what “apply for an examination voluntarily”.

However, the reports in the media are regrettable.

Many examinees clearly have good grades, but they are under “house arrest” by the vice president, Dean, head teacher, etc.

of their “alma mater”, so as to make their wishes conform to the “wishes of alma mater”.

According to the media’s checking rhythm, from the follow-up of the report’s title, we can see how bad the impact of this kind of thing is, and how many interest chains it contains.

From the first “this ugly problem in the college entrance examination filling in the volunteer application must be exposed to everyone today” to “the college entrance examination filling in the volunteer application mess: candidates refused to report to Peking University and were” under house arrest “by the vice president, it has been explained that no matter the folk sentiment or the mainstream media, they are sneering at this kind of thing.

Frankly speaking, this abnormal mode is mainly triggered by the “teaching competition” between schools.

Some of the standards set by many regions are extremely “utilitarian”.

To judge whether a school’s teaching is excellent or not, an important indicator is how many students have been admitted to Tsinghua University and Peking University.

This utilitarian “education GDP” assessment standard, to a large extent, drives the “alma mater” to run for its own interests and development, to violate students’ wishes and force them to enter the University within the indicator range.

Of course, volunteers can be regarded by the “alma mater”, and they are basically those students with relatively good grades, and the examinees with ordinary scores will not be associated with this kind of thing naturally.

However, the result is too bad.

In the early years, in order to improve the enrollment rate, many schools even persuaded some students with poor grades to go to vocational and technical schools in advance.

Although the results are different, it seems to be the same from the perspective of “volunteering”.

In a word, it is for the benefit of the school to deprive students of their wishes, which is really abhorrent.

Since the behavior is so rampant, it is probably related to reward.

Many regions will award huge teaching bonuses to the schools that have more entrance to famous universities, and the schools will reward relevant teachers and students.

Therefore, there will be so many teachers, at all costs, to let their students go to Peking University for Tsinghua.

Even if the original intention is good, it can’t erase the existence of selfishness.

Remember my college entrance examination that meeting, the school will give each class head teacher a task, how many famous brands, how many undergraduate courses, there are basically target tasks.

There is no corresponding evaluation, there is a corresponding reward for the balance, let alone surpassing, there is a major reward designated, which are basically the inner strength of the senior three class teachers.

Many class teachers, awesome by virtue of their students.

All kinds of titles and position rights are available at once.

Coupled with a huge bonus, it’s really hard not to move.

But the bottom line is still to have, the freedom of others is the freedom of others.

It is probably immoral or even a crime to gain one’s own interests at the expense of the freedom of others.

What makes people feel more gloomy is that many students do not wait until they go to university, they have a relatively grey cognition of the so-called teachers.

Those “for you”, “gratitude” and “sense of collective honor” are completely polluted under such circumstances.

More often than not, if a student’s future is destroyed due to improper volunteering, the student will be worried about the “alma mater” for a lifetime, or even distort their mind, and then be full of malice to the world.

These are all the crises that such “unwillingness” may cause.

Teaching, cultivation and guidance, this is the road of the world.

But the examinee, after all, is not a vegetable maker.

He can come as he wants.

Of course, in similar situations, most of them take place in township middle schools.

The students don’t have much sense of resistance, and it’s even more difficult for parents to resist when they basically listen to the advice of their children and teachers.

In such a case, it’s tragic enough to let teachers and schools decide.

Now, these details of the gray, can be reported by the media, the world said, probably because it is too bad, too unpopular.

In this world, all unwillingness will be filled with unfair deeds, and all unwillingness will become the reason for the final outbreak.

Even if it is a right rather than a choice, it should also have its freedom.

Otherwise, can it expect anything else? Original article, declined to sign without name, first WeChat official account: qingnianxuejia.

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